At Omniline we pride ourselves on putting our customers first. With client assigned technicians we have lightning fast turnaround times. We also provide 24 hour services for those who need it at NO extra charge.

Omniline is a company focused on communication tailored to each customers specific needs. With our main focus on ensuring higher turnover for your business and a smooth pleasurable customer experience for all your customers.

Omniline specializes in all things online that businesses need to be successful, should it be a new business or a exisiting business. We consider IP PABX installations, Hosted PABX installations, PABX maintenance and CCTV all important when running a business. 

IP and Hosted PABX Systems

We supply different types of PABX systems for every customer’s need. Omniline can install stand alone PABX systems with top of the range switchboards, Hosted PABX’s, VoIP solutions and many more products in this field.

PABX Maintenance

Omniline assist with services and repairs due to any type of damage. All of our installations also include warranties and additional free maintenance.


We provide cat5 and cat6 cabling, cabling of network points and telephone points with high level surge protection and back-up options! All at a very low costs to our customers.


We offer a wide range of CCTV options, such as analogue cameras, HD cameras, audio recording enabled cameras and remote viewing features to keep your business or home safe.