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Office automation systems

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What is Office Automation systems

Office Automation systems has come a long way in the past few years. The term office automation systems refers to the combination of tools available to make, store, change and send office information over a network. What started out primarily as word processing, data processing and e-mail has now moved on to more advanced office automation tasks, such as advanced copying, scanning and printing processes that integrate front office desk and back office automation systems and processes. Todays office automation systems can save time and money while decreasing paper waste and power usage.

With SA Business Solutions Office Automation Solutions you can:

  •     Create efficient workflow processes that manage the entire lifecycle of a document
  •     Improve the speed at which document intensive processes are conducted
  •     Minimise document loss and information leakage
  •     Utilise electronic document formats more often in internal and customer transactions
  •     Organise information and documents with electronic document management systems and processes
  •     Improve operational efficiency and customer service levels


Companies today are under financial pressure and  need to drive down their print costs while efficiently managing and processing an ever-growing work load of electronic and paper related work.

Software helps to unlocking the best possible return from the document output environment. It has an crucial role to play in controlling costs, increasing uptime and optimising production.


Office Automation systems is all about using the computer to:

    Make your work less tedious.

    Trim hours off your workload.

    Reduce repetitive keyboard strokes or mouse-clicks.

    Make data entry easier with fewer tabs or mouse movements.

    Take any job you do longhand and make the computer do it for you.