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Improve Your Customer Service

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If your company has the ability to handle calls professionally; this significantly improves your business’ image. Your customers will never get a “busy” tone, and always have the ability to leave messages when needed. Another benefit is that customers can directly choose the department that they would like to speak to, cutting down on waiting times. This will also reduce the volume of calls that go through your front desk and relieve the workload on your call centre operators.

With the system being able to recognise the number that calls, you can use this information to provide reports and analysis around your business support services, personalising your service even more. You can keep record of how many times a particular customer phoned for assistance, and the number of calls that you received during a particular time for a specific product or service department.

With the ability to record calls with your switchboard system, you can keep record of conversations and customer requests, as you never know when you might need this. This is often very handy in the case of legal disputes or claims that customers might initiate against your business. You will have proof of a conversation that took place, and you can keep this on record for a number of years. It’s also a good idea to keep these recordings for security purposes, and they are very handy to help evaluate the level of assistance that team members are providing to your customers.