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Different Types of Switchboards

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There are different types of switchboards available, namely Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) systems, and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems. ACD systems is a telephone facility that handles calls that come in to your business, and distributes them based on the number that called, and the database of handling commands. Many businesses offering sales and support services use ACD systems to validate callers and make outgoing responses or calls. They can also forward calls to a specific person, and allow callers to leave messages. A good function of ACD systems is that they can be used to gather usage statistics and balance the use of your company’s phone lines.

Small businesses can benefit from using IVR switchboards as they are perfect in situations where a caller needs to speak to someone in another department, like a support technician or a department manager, for example. The front desk is usually where calls are transferred to, and the caller can also use different commands on their keypads to select different options.

IVR switchboards can further be divided into three different types: incoming, outgoing, and combination systems. Incoming switchboards give companies the option of redirecting calls, and manage calls by recording them. Outgoing systems allow a business to give out invitations, reminders of bookings, or ask for surveys from customers. Combination systems provide all of the features of incoming and outgoing systems, which is ideal for small and medium sized businesses to use.