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Switchboard Quotes for Business Solutions


Switchboards and switchboard quotesSwitchboard Systems (pabx systems )

Switchboards are essential to many businesses around the world; they rely on these switchboard systems on a daily basis to handle their calls and messaging systems. These switchboard systems can be scaled according to each business’ unique needs, making them very versatile and cost effective. Communication is essential in every business, which is why a reliable switchboard system is important to have.

Different types of switchboards available

With so many different types of switchboards available, it’s easy to choose a switchboard system that will work for your particular business. And with additional benefits like security, customer service and record keeping, switchboards are one of the best tools that modern businesses can make use of. Contact us for more about switchboards and switchboard quotes.

Two types of switchboards

There are two types of switchboards, Automatic Call Distribution switchboard & Interactive Voice Response switchboard. Virtual switchboard systems area also options for small business switchboard systems, although they are not really switchboards. Read More About switchboards




Switchborads voice over ipVoice over IP Systems


Get a no hassle VoIP Phone System today for less than you think.


At SA Business Solutions we do more than switchboards, we offer a full range of VOIP switchboard systems for both small and large companies makes getting the right VoIP Phone System for your home or office a walk in the park. Our huge selection and vendor neutral approach to VoIP Phone systems makes sure that you get the right VoIP telephone system – regardless of your needs or budget.


All of our VoIP telephone Systems carry are feature-rich and offer un-compromised functionality, flexibility, cost savings as well as advanced features that substantially improve productivity. They even work with most available VoIP Phones. And every VoIP Phone System offers are fully warranted and supported by our team of in-house experts so you don’t have to worry about your VoIP Phone System.


SA Business Solutions is an established, dynamic IT infrastructure company. 

We pride ourselves on our ability to quickly adjust to market demand while maintaining the highest levels of service. SA Business Solutions provides fully managed switchboard telecommunications solutions for all types of business – from small to medium companies and corporate enterprise.

As an authorized Samsung Communications Centre, we deliver world class installation and maintenance to an ever growing market, in a highly competitive industry. Our service ethos is: “Do it right, do it now.” Contact us for more information on switchboards and switchboard quotes.



Legal Aid
Legal Aid
I would like to confirm that we have made extensive use of the services of SA Business Solutions during the past two years. They have installed and maintained PABX systems in eight of our branches. Their work is of very high standard and their after sales service excellent. During the last two years they were always willing to assist no matter what the request was and or the time frames involved.
Drain Rats
Drain Rats
Communication systems are not inexpensive, so it is pertinent that one chooses wisely. You would want to associate yourself with a company that not only has an excellent reputation in the industry but also a company that aspires to be of assistance at the time that you really need them. You would also want to look for a company that takes complete control of your communication needs and is not in it lust to make a quick buck. you would also want to work with a company that has an excellent level of after sales and enabled technicians. DrainRatz Plumbers has been afforded the opportunity with SA Business Solutions.
Rofles Chemicals
Rofles Chemicals
We have used the services of SA Business Soultions over the last couple of years. They have installed and maintained our PABX system with no problems. We would gladly recommend their product and service.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank the team at SA Business Solutions especially Luanne, JP and Shane for always assisting us with our queries as promptly as possible. We have received impeccable service from this company and their team. I would definitely recommend SA Business Solutions to companies going forward.